When and How to Partner with Philanthropic Advisers

To paraphrase the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, it’s easy to give away money. However, it’s much more difficult to know how and where to give it. Anyone who has managed a grantmaking program understands. Granting money is not difficult. Doing it effectively is another story. That’s why many leanly staffed foundations often enlist philanthropic advisers—organizations […]

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12 Reasons Event Profs Choose ExpoPlatform

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ExpoplatformEvents have evolved to become smarter, more valuable, and curated through increasingly digitized components. B2B shows are now enhanced with high-end data-driven digital tools that create value for attendees at every stage, they are also ensuring high ROI for exhibitors.  These Smart Events need smart solutions like ExpoPlatform. Equipped with powerful features like AI matchmaking, lead intelligence, […]

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Dropshipping Secrets: 9 Highly Profitable Products to Maximize Your Earnings

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profitable-dropshipping-products.If you’re looking to get into dropshipping or want to maximize your earnings, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll share some dropshipping secrets on 9 highly profitable dropshipping products that can help you boost your bottom line.  Whether you’re just getting started with dropshipping or have been at it for a while, finding the […]

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Philanthropy Spotlight: Arthur Riggs

Arthur Riggs was a pioneer in the biotechnology industry, working on the development of artificial insulin, which has been used by millions of people globally to treat diabetes. In recent years, he became the largest single donor to the City of Hope’s research programs. Before he made a $100 million gift to the organization last year, few people had heard of him, despite his incredible work in the medical field.

Riggs joined the City of Hope in 1969 and recently retired. He was involved in some of the most significant breakthroughs in the biotechnology industry and developed various tools that allow scientists to produce recombinant monoclonal antibodies in living cells, which came in handy during the pandemic as a way to treat covid patients. Despite his achievements, Riggs is often overlooked due to his lack of recognition. 

He was born in San Bernardino, California, and he studied at UC Riverside and San Bernardino High School. After graduating from high school, Riggs decided to pursue a career in chemistry. He was very talented in this field of study, and he wanted to combine that with his passion for improving the treatment of diseases. At the age of 29, he joined the City of Hope.

In the 1970s, Riggs and his team at City of Hope started working on the next step of DNA studies, which involved using fragments of DNA to create new genetic tools for treating diseases. He recruited Keiichi Itakura, a researcher in Canada, to help him with the project. Together with ten other scientists, they created a small synthetic gene that contains 14 amino acid components. Upon discovering an issue in stability, Riggs decided to combine this gene with a larger protein to fix this issue, or else it would not have been effective. This enabled Riggs and his team to create human insulin and apply for a patent after partnering with a researcher from Genentech. With the use of their lab, they were able to begin marketing this insulin as Humulin after getting it approved by the FDA. This resulted in sales of over $1 billion.

While Riggs was being recruited to take on more high-profile roles as a result of this achievement, he chose to remain at City of Hope, next focusing on improving antibodies.

Through his team’s work, they were able to create a new class of human antibodies that can be used to treat various autoimmune and cancer diseases. Several companies, such as Genentech, were able to negotiate licensing deals with the City of Hope for the technology.

At the same time, Riggs quietly began donating some of the money he received from the licensing deals to the City of Hope, which was supporting the research programs that he was leading. He decided to keep his philanthropic gifts private because he wanted to be treated as a scientist first and foremost rather than having attention turned on him. Eventually, his charitable efforts became known, leading up to his $100 million donation in 2021.

After he decided to retire from his position at the City of Hope, he and the organization’s leadership agreed that the research institute that he had led for over two decades would be renamed in his honor. Although he had already retired from his administrative position, Riggs said that he still plans to work on his diabetes research. He noted that he could have easily retired from his job and enjoyed life on the beach, but he would have been bored within a week.

With the advancements that still need to be made in diabetes research and treatment, Riggs hopes to continue in his goal to cure this disease.

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How to Achieve Your Goals While Avoiding Burnout

Burnout comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Without a doubt, though, burnout at work is the most common of those. The bad thing is that burnout is something that just has to be fought through at work.

There are a few ways in which one can achieve their goals while also potentially avoiding burnout. Here are a few of the most helpful ways.

Support Wellness in the Workspace

Self-care and wellness are of the utmost importance when it comes to avoiding burnout. Whether you are working from home or in an office space, there are steps to take to make the space a little more wellness-friendly.

Changing positions can mean giving your body the support it needs throughout the day, for instance. Natural light can help with stress levels and circadian rhythm. If there aren’t windows available, a light therapy lamp can be a great solution.

Go for a Passion Project

The day-to-day tasks that most people face in the workplace are a necessity but not necessarily something that sparks excitement. Which means that pitching a passion project could be the way to light that spark.

Pitching a passion project is a great way to keep yourself excited and motivated. Maybe it is something small like a charity event or something that can benefit the business in some way. Just make sure that you come with a plan to match that level of passion.

Find a Mentor

Part of what can lead to burnout in the workplace is a feeling of uncertainty, of not knowing where your path takes you. But finding a mentor outside of the company can be a great way to put perspective on the day-to-day life of being in the company.

Finding a mentor can mean getting out some of the frustrations felt on the job, which can help to reduce stress. Avoiding burnout can be done in small ways but they can add up in a big way. Having someone with industry knowledge can be cathartic.

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5 Management Hacks For A Better Dining Business

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Better Dining BusinessRecent world events have made the restaurant business a real challenge. Rising food costs are impacting your kitchen as well as the budgets of your customers and employees. As you strive to build or rebuild your customer base, the tips below may make it easier to offer your guests the very best while providing your […]

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Car Shipping Hacks For The Budding Business Enterprise

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Car Shipping Hacks For The Budding BusinessBudding car enterprises often overlook the importance of shipping and logistics when starting their business. This can be a costly mistake since it is often one of the crucial aspects of getting your vehicles to market. By following these simple car shipping hacks, you can save time and money while ensuring your business gets off […]

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Why Residential Proxies Will Help Grow Your Business Security

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Residential Proxies Will Help Grow Your BusinessProxy servers play the role of an intermediary or a gateway between your devices and the websites you visit on the internet. Its major function is to change or mask your device’s IP address when you browse the internet. The proxy server is a computer on its own, with its unique IP address. What the […]

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AI Integration into Business Software Systems: 7 Key Benefits

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Business Software SystemsAI technology is everywhere. While its acceptance in society may be new, AI has been around for ages. In business, AI is a popular term and a practical technology. It integrates into business software systems to ensure convenience and efficiency. Consequently, Forbes states that 83% of businesses consider AI a strategic priority for their operations. […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Start a Laundromat?

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laundromatIf you’re planning to open your own laundromat, then you might be wondering just how much it will cost you. Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer to this question that covers all possible costs—there are too many variables involved in your specific laundromat venture. For example, if you plan to lease space for your laundromat instead […]

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